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How A Cleaning Service Can Help You

Our primary mission at Merryfull Cleaning is to tackle the tough cleaning and make your home or business a cleaner, safer, and healthier place for your family, friends, and employees. Knowing that cleaning can be labor-intensive and stressful on top of daily life’s other responsibilities and realities, we believe everyone deserves a relaxing place to live and work.


If you’re interested in a standard house cleaning, our checklist covers the following areas and cleaning tasks:

  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen & general area
  • Sweeping
  • Mopping
  • Dusting


Outsourcing your cleaning services can help streamline your life and reduce cleaning time by about while ensuring a spotless, disinfected environment that’s safe for your family. We offer our services to business and property owners, renters, landlords, and those busy with moving from one home to the next.


If you require a more thorough cleaning, Merryfull has you covered with tackling the tougher messes that can accumulate over time. Our cleaning experts are thoroughly trained and use proprietary cleaning and disinfecting systems that dramatically decrease dust and bacteria, among other compounds.


Contact Merryfull Cleaning today to see how our services can help your home or business thrive!

How Often Should You Work With a Cleaning Service?

The optimal frequency of your cleaning service will depend on various factors: the size and layout of your home or business, the number of people living or working there, your lifestyle, and other parameters.


Frequency also depends on your regular cleaning and maintenance routine. When you decide to work with Merryfull Cleaning, you can book your recurring cleaning service on a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly basis. It is entirely up to you!


Our team of expertly trained cleaning specialists will put time and effort into cleaning your home or office efficiently, effectively, and safely. We hope you will love the total experience we offer, from the quick and simple booking process to the personalized service. Even when it comes to our follow-up customer care, we hope you will decide to stay on as a recurring client.

How Do I Book Cleaning Services?

It can be challenging to find that perfect balance between your professional life, social life, and life at home, and you could probably use a helping hand. Or if you find that your business or office could use some deep cleaning, booking our cleaning services makes it a little easier to manage your to-do list.


At Merryfull Cleaning, we partner with highly efficient professional cleaners who are reliable and efficient each step of the way. Aside from standard and deep cleaning for homes, we offer specialized services like carpet cleaning, end-of-lease cleaning, post-renovation cleaning, and office cleaning.


All service packages are available at flat-rate prices, modified according to your home or office size, while we charge special projects by the hour. Merryfull Cleaning takes pride in quality work and customer service. Each team member has been hired and trained with quality standards.


Your home or office will become thoroughly clean, healthy, and safe in the competent hands of trusted, expertly-trained professionals. Leaving you with more time and energy for yourself and the things, or people, you love.


Merryfull Cleaning offers cost-effective solutions, please contact us today for a free consultation. We would love to learn more about your next cleaning project!

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